The future is here

We are a Web3 blockchain game indie game studio, and we believe in the infinite possibilities of combining blockchain and games.

Whenever a new technology and a new field emerge, the importance of games as a link between business and life always comes to the fore inevitably. In the presence of a new thing like blockchain, games are very important ecological entrances that capture the value of decentralization with just the right amount of entertainment and networking.

Asset interoperability and permissionless access are important features of blockchain and are also the obvious differences between blockchain games and traditional games from the underlying logic to the interaction design. The return of ownership of game assets is both an innovation and a legacy.

While we marvel at the exquisite design of blockchain, we combine our love for games with it, which is our original intention and vision. We hope more players will receive our passion for blockchain games and the efforts, innovation, and of course the unparalleled joy brought by the games.

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