Game Narrative

As mankind entered the year 2650, the sun's radiation began to become unstable, and ultra-long auroras began to appear simultaneously at the North and South Poles. Scientists realized that the sun was beginning to age and that within about 1000 years, the Earth would no longer be habitable, and humans formed a coalition government to begin preparations for large-scale cosmic colonization.
In 3050, although the first human colonists embarked on sublight ships and sailed deep into the galaxy, every year thereafter, a large number of human immigrants flew away from Earth; in 3368, all immigrant ships talked to Earth for the last time, after which the first helium flash of the Sun was observed, after which no contact could be made, and by this time, less than 1% of humans had escaped from Earth.
After a short period of shock and confusion, all the immigrant ships realized that the Earth had been destroyed, and as the seeds of human civilization, they began to choose their own course according to the established procedures, and this year was also called the "Wandering Era".
In the following 20,000 years, the few survivors of the human race found their own domains of existence and formed a loose federal government to coordinate the resource needs of the various domains, followed by the rapid development of human civilization and reached its peak, and colonized the edge of the galaxy, this era, known as the "landing era.
But then an unexplained intra-Federation war occurred, in which terrible "stellar" weapons attacked each other, killing a large number of humans and leaving only some of the wandering colonial forces to survive, and this era is also known as the "Dark Ages".
After the war, the federal government announced the dissolution of all data, and at the last minute, all data was made public, and the colonial forces became fully autonomous, expecting the surviving human beings to use their courage and wisdom to keep the flame of civilization alive, which opened the "reboot era" since then.
One thousand years after the reboot, one of the human colonization ships, after exhausting all the supplies, finally arrived at the edge of the galaxy on a planet highly similar to Earth, "Darwin", and immediately implemented the login.
But unfortunately, Darwin's excellent environment was also discovered by a cosmic race of wandering insects: the Aien, who arrived near the planet just as the humans were preparing to land on Darwin.
The ruthless Zega had no plans to share the blue planet with humans, and they took the initiative to attack. Although at a disadvantage, the brave human fighters fought back, and eventually the Aurora chose to ram the insectoid mothership, protecting the few humans who were landing.
The surviving human warriors, scattered on this strange planet, face the alien beasts and the Aien (Aien insects) alone, and live strongly in order to continue the flame of human civilization.