Add Network

Terra Darwin game uses the Ethereum Layer-2 network called Arbitrum One. Arbitrum One allows us to provide users a quicker and cheaper experience when interfacing with the blockchain.

For users to be able to use Arbitrum One with their MetaMask, they will first need to add the Arbitrum One network details into their MetaMask network settings.


  1. In MetaMask, click the profile icon in the upper-right to expand the options, and then click โ€œSettingsโ€.

  1. In the Settings, click the โ€œNetworksโ€ tab on the left-hand side. Then, once the โ€œNetworksโ€ tab is showing, click โ€œAdd a networkโ€ on the upper-right-hand side.

  1. When adding a network, Arbitrum One should be listed as a popular custom network. Click the โ€œAddโ€ button.

  1. Click โ€œApproveโ€ in a confirmation popup window. Your MetaMask will now be able to connect to the Arbitrum One network!

Note: You will be able to switch between the Ethereum mainnet and Arbitrum One networks at any time. When connecting to Terra Darwin, you will be asked to connect to the Arbitrum One network.

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