Bridge ETH from mainnet to Arbitrum One

If you do not have access to a centralized exchange that can directly withdraw to Arbitrum One, and you have easy access to ETH funds on Ethereum mainnet, we recommend bridging as an option. Note that you will be paying an Ethereum mainnet gas fee to perform the bridging.

While there are several bridging solutions, we recommend using the official bridge from the Arbitrum team:

Steps: bridging with the Arbitrum bridge

  1. Visit the Arbitrum bridge at:

  2. Make sure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum mainnet network

  3. In the bridge UI, set Mainnet as the from network and Arbitrum One as the to network

  1. Enter the amount of ETH to bridge

  2. Click “Move funds to Arbitrum One”. A preview of the transaction will now display.

  3. If the transaction preview looks correct, confirm the transaction.

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