Redstone Token(RST)

Redstone Token (hereinafter referred to as RST) is TerraDarwin's in-game token, which is mainly used for upgrading game equipment and purchasing game items. Players can obtain RST token rewards through daily missions, which is the only way to obtain RST tokens within the game.

Redstone is a core resource within the game and is heavily used in scenarios such as equipment crafting and upgrading. In order to allow players who need it to have access to additional redstone, we have created redstone tokens using blockchain contracts with the aim of increasing the circulation of redstone and the ease of access.

RST is a functional game token that does not involve any financial investment attributes, nor does it have any consensus and governance attributes. Although its pass-through attributes have natural trading characteristics, we do not encourage any trading behaviors such as purchasing and selling by players. If you buy and sell RST in the decentralized trading market based on real game demand, we tacitly assume that players are fully aware of its price fluctuations, liquidity changes and other potential market risks.

Officials do not make any commitment to the liquidity, depth of trading and market price of RST, and do not have any management responsibility for this game token, and we tacitly assume that players are fully aware of this and can independently assume the potential risks associated with it before playing and operating RST.

RST are game tokens that can be acquired by every new player without limit, there is no tokenomics model, so there is no limit to the total amount of RST that can be acquired. RST consumed by players for in-game purchases and weapon upgrades are periodically transferred to a black hole address for destruction.

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