We explore economic balance

Many people criticize that blockchain games are "over-financialized", and developers have to design the game closed loop simple and easy enough to facilitate the circulation and trading of assets in order to guarantee the immediate economic effect of the game.

Financiality and tokenization are the foundation of the global public blockchain, an element that web3 game developers cannot and cannot get around. economic models are not unique to blockchain games and are a less easy task in internet game planning. gamefi pioneered the P2E model, but the greater volatility of erc20 tokens caused huge difficulties and trouble for developers in economic balancing.

We design redstone, the core resource within the game, as a game token, and redstone has a complete closed loop of output and consumption within the game, which will help to maintain a healthy supply and demand relationship for redstone, reduce speculation, and enhance market liquidity based on real demand.

We have no plans to issue governance tokens at this time, we need the practice of the game to provide the basis for us to design a more scientific and sustainable token economy system, which needs the community's joint participation and suggestions, everything is possible, let's build it together.

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