Withdraw and deposit your items


NFTs that are not equipped and placed can be withdrawn from the game to the player's blockchain wallet.

  1. Enter your profile on the Terra Darwin website.

  2. From the inventory, click on the item you wish to extract and click "Extract" in the subsequent display window,restricted items will not be available for extraction.

  3. To confirm a transaction in MetaMask.The withdrawal fee is 0.0003eth for ERC-721 NFT and 0.0003eth for Redstone Token(regardless of quantity, per withdrawal).

  4. After confirmation, the item will be available in your wallet. In the inventory view, the item will show a blue lock icon, indicating that it is not available in the game.

  5. Now you are free to dispose of the NFT items and $RST in your wallet, transfer it to another address or list it for sale on the NFT Marketplace and Uniswap.

Note:Items that are currently equipped or being used in-game cannot be withdrawn. Common items cannot be withdrawn because they are not NFTs.


  1. The NFT and Redstone that have been withdrawn to the wallet need to be deposited into the game, if you want to use them in the game.

  2. In the inventory view, click the blue icon with lock, "Send to game", confirm in metamask and the item is ready to use in the game.

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