Terra Darwin is an open-world survival-building blockchain game currently in development.
Players will take on the role of apocalyptic survivors, fighting alien creatures on Planet Darwin, and exploring, collecting, creating, and rebuilding human civilization. Players will need to have good game control and constantly adjust their battle strategies, it won't be easy, but the rewards will be great, for Human Civilization!
Through the game, players will gain permanent in-game assets (NFT and FT) to dress up their characters, craft equipment to enhance their battle power, and create personalized homes, which can be traded on the NFT trading platform that supports the Arbitrum network.
We will initially provide players with a single-player PVE game model and later will gradually open multiplayer PVE and a multiplayer online mode similar to the metaverse, which can only be played on desktop browsers initially.
Note:The game is currently in the early demo stage, what we have shown does not fully represent all the gameplay and features of the game, development is still in progress.
Last modified 6mo ago